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Helpful folks January 2, 2006

Posted by diamonds in Uncategorized.

Do you get patronised by other people trying to help? Im never sure if Im being patronised or not. To be honest Im usually so surprised someone is talking to me that it isnt until after the event that I think about it. Anyway to cut a story short I was in Tesco just before Christmas, killing a couple of hours doing some last minute shopping. My husband called and asked me to get a bottle of ginger wine. So I went back into the store and wheeled along until I got what I was looking for and as they say proceeded to the checkout.I was in the process of paying when this guy came round and stood in front of me and asked if I needed any help. I was polite and said no thanks but was really surprised as hey, I only had 1 bottle of ginger wine here. If it were a months shopping Id have said yes, but I think I can manage 1 bottle even if I seem like a total cripple. So was he trying to be nice or just being patronising? I dont know, I really dont have a handle on this sort of thing yet, but I suppose it will keep on happening whether I like it or not!



1. delfinaalexander54 - April 8, 2016

And with the close of the Mich/Ohio St game Blaine closes in on Julie’s lead. Only one point separates these two. Come on http://tropaadet.dk/delfinaalexander54081830

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